Magical Mornings at Casa Batlló

Imagine experiencing the enchantment of a private house, bathed in the early morning light, offering perfect moments for capturing photos.

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Casa Batlló

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Included in the price:

  • Entry ticket to Casa Batlló
  • Virtual reality tablet
  • Audioguide
  • Access to the Gaudí Cube, Gaudí Dôme, and original Concierge Room
  • Live guide

Cancellation policy: This activity is non-refundable

Valid 1 day: Check availability to see starting times.

Audio guide included: Catalan, Spanish, English, Italian, French, Chinese, Dutch, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian

Barcelona: Casa Batlló Be The First Entry Ticket

Enjoy a relaxed morning visit with a very limited capacity

Photograph the magical shapes, perspectives, and lights

Immerse yourself in the Gaudí Dome and the Gaudí Cube

See Gaudí's work from a different perspective with AI

Full description

Embark on an immersive journey through the magic of Casa Batlló. Be-the-first tickets allow you to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site without the crowds, meaning time to enjoy the magic and take the perfect photos. Casa Batlló comes alive with the help of an audio guide and augmented reality tablet that brings you into an immersive experience with the help of AI, augmented reality, and machine learning. Explore one of Gaudí’s masterpieces while learning about him.

Enjoy two new immersive rooms: the Gaudí Dome (the first room with a dome featuring more than a thousand screens) and the Gaudí Cube (a six-sided LED cube unique in the world). Listen to a script available in 15 languages, and a soundtrack created by Dani Howard and performed by the Berlin Symphony Orchestra.

Among the novelties on offer is a new core of vertical communication designed by the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, a floating ladder of 13 tons of polished marble suspended in the air, the first 6-sided indoor mapping on a patio of Gaudí's lights, and the new “Simbolic” store.


Entry ticket to Casa Batlló


Virtual reality tablet

Access to the Gaudí Cube, Gaudí Dôme, and original Concierge Room

Live guide

Important information

There is a checkroom where you can store luggage and strollers if needed

From $47.27 per person

This is an engaging, immersive experience that is creative and beautifully designed. We took advantage of the early tickets and the audio guide, paying a bit extra to be able to visit Casa Batllo' with a very small group of people. This made our visit much more enjoyable and easier to navigate the house - which is useful as I have arthritis and sometimes need to walk up stairs very slowly. The only downside was the cafe / bar on the roof wasn't open. As we left at 9:30 am the queues on the pavement outside were already getting crowded. If you're a keen photographer try to take advantage of the early entry to capture the morning light.

June 14, 2023

Michelle – United Kingdom

Highly recommended getting the early access pass. You get the place practically to yourself. The employees were saying it gets incredibly busy, but with this pass that wasn’t my experience. Also, I personally didn’t like the virtual reality tablet. It didn’t line up perfectly with the rooms and just felt like a cumbersome thing to hang on to and made it hard to take my own photos. If I were to do it again, I would not use it and try to be more present in the house. Overall, hands down one of my favorite things we did in Barcelona. Highly recommended.

May 29, 2023

Nathan – United States

Excellent - the staff was extremely solicitous and helpful with the fact that my wife had a walking disability, focusing solely on making sure that we were being accommodated at all stages. The exhibit itself was exhilarating and the futuristic method of providing the guided tour was inspired, from the coordination with the icons on the iPad to the real-time panning of the screen to what the particular room was all about.

May 21, 2023

Richard – United States

Enchanted Shapes and Lights of Gaudí

Gaudí, the renowned Catalan architect, left an indelible mark on the world of architecture with his unique and enchanting creations. His distinctive style, characterized by intricate shapes and mesmerizing lights, is a testament to his genius and artistic vision.

One of Gaudí's most iconic masterpieces is the Sagrada Família, a basilica in Barcelona that stands as a symbol of his creative brilliance. The interplay of shapes in the Sagrada Família is nothing short of enchanting, with towering spires and intricate facades that captivate the beholder.

The use of light in Gaudí's designs is equally awe-inspiring. The architect had a deep understanding of how light could transform a space, and this is evident in his use of stained glass windows and openwork elements. As sunlight filters through the vibrant glass, it casts a kaleidoscope of colors, creating a magical and ethereal ambiance within the structure.

Amazing Rooms of Gaudí

While the Sagrada Família is a testament to Gaudí's grandeur on a monumental scale, his influence can also be experienced in smaller spaces, such as the enchanting rooms of Casa Batlló. This modernist building, located in the heart of Barcelona, showcases Gaudí's exceptional attention to detail and innovative design.

The rooms of Casa Batlló are a feast for the senses, with organic shapes, flowing lines, and vibrant colors. Gaudí's use of natural elements, such as the incorporation of marine motifs and the play of light and shadow, creates an otherworldly atmosphere within the house.

Another gem of Gaudí's architectural brilliance is Park Güell, a public park filled with fantastical sculptures and mosaics. The park's serpentine bench, adorned with colorful ceramic tiles, is a prime example of Gaudí's ability to seamlessly blend art and architecture, creating spaces that are not only functional but also visually stunning.

The Legacy of Gaudí

Gaudí's influence extends far beyond the borders of Catalonia. His groundbreaking approach to architecture, characterized by a harmonious integration of nature and geometry, has inspired architects and artists around the world. The UNESCO designation of several Gaudí works as World Heritage Sites is a testament to the enduring significance of his legacy.

As visitors explore the enchanted shapes and lights of Gaudí, they are transported into a world where architecture becomes art, and each structure tells a unique story. Gaudí's ability to infuse his creations with a sense of magic and wonder continues to captivate generations, making his works timeless masterpieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Gaudí's most famous work?

A: Gaudí's most famous work is the Sagrada Família, a basilica in Barcelona known for its enchanting shapes and intricate design.

Q: Where can I experience Gaudí's influence in smaller spaces?

A: Casa Batlló, located in the heart of Barcelona, showcases Gaudí's exceptional attention to detail and innovative design in smaller, more intimate rooms.

Q: What is Park Güell known for?

A: Park Güell is a public park in Barcelona known for its fantastical sculptures, mosaics, and the serpentine bench adorned with colorful ceramic tiles, showcasing Gaudí's seamless blend of art and architecture.

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This was the worst experience we’ve ever had traveling, and I am a well-seasoned traveler. DO NOT book with this company. They were dishonest and actually hung up on us when we called with a question. Had to call multiple times and still didn’t make our tour, and no money refunded.

traveler – United States

It was great to get in before the crowds.

traveler – United States

This tour would have been better with a live guide instead of the self-guided audio tour. Liked being able to skip the line, which was already long.


The casa is just beautiful, and the experience itself was great. We were not, in fact, the first group or individuals of the day, so there was a bit more of a crowd than we were expecting. In hindsight, would probably have gone later in the day.

traveler – United Kingdom

Satisfactory. They allow too many people in at once.

traveler – United States